After Willy Wonka Event Went Viral In A Bad Way, Karen Gillan Is Throwing Her Hat In The Ring

The biggest story of the week has been the absolutely wild case of the failed “Wonka” themed entertainment event in Scotland that completely went off the rails. The event left those who paid for tickets furious, children weeping, and every new video we see is another AI-infused cringeworthy goldmine. There’s really only one thing left to do, make a movie of the whole thing, and Karen Gillan wants in on it.

This week police were called to an event in Scotland that was billed as an immersive themed experience in the vein of Willy Wonka, called Willy’s Chocolate Experience. It had no official licensing or a connection to either the classic Gene Wilder Wonka or the recent Timothee Chalamet Wonka, but still used very clear references in its concept art. Tickets had been sold based on AI-generated artwork that promised a spectacle, but when ticket holders arrived they found simple props, few sweets, and characters spouting nonsensical gibberish. It’s so bizarre that Karen Gillan is seemingly obsessed and wants to be part of a movie based on the story. She took to Twitter saying…

PLEASE CAST ME IN THIS. (like a movie based on this story, not the actual thing. Actually, no, either is fine)

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