As Dune: Part Two’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Blows Past The First Movie, Author Frank Herbert’s Son Shares Thoughts On The Adaptation

There are plenty of upcoming book adaptations and some could be more challenging to produce than others. That’s especially true when translating an epic science fiction novel like Frank Herbert’s magnum opus, Dune. David Lynch‘s 1984 attempt highlighted this fact, but Denis Villeneuve‘s first attempt, 2021’s Dune, was critically acclaimed upon its release. However, Villeneuve stated that the second installment would be more ambitious. Now, the second part is nearly here, and based on the Rotten Tomatoes score, the movie surpasses the first one in every way. Additionally, the author’s son and continued franchise torch bearer, Brian Herbert, shared his thoughts on the adaptation.

Brian Herbert Drops His Reaction To Dune: Part Two

Fans of the series have probably been eager to hear what Brian Herbert thinks about the highly anticipated film. Well, Herbert expressed satisfaction and pride in the sci-fi follow-up after attending a private studio screening. He took to social media, posting to his personal account on X (formerly Twitter) to share his thoughts on how well his father’s story has been portrayed in the movie. He wrote:

I saw Dune: Part Two at a private studio screening, and it is gratifying to see my father’s story told with such great care. When the new movie is combined with Dune: Part One, it is by far the best film interpretation of Frank Herbert’s classic novel DUNE that has ever been done.

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