When Will Dune 3 Hit Theaters? Denis Villeneuve’s Recent Comments Have Me A Little Concerned

Dune: Part 2 is upon us, but is still yet to hit theaters until March. The long-awaited sequel faced delays due to the Hollywood strikes, and the hype is real for the sci-fi follow-up film. Despite the movie not being released yet, yammerings about a possible Dune 3 continue to happen. Director Denis Villenueve has long expressed a desire to make a third film within the Dune universe, as the source material has six books within the series from original author Frank Herbert. This has hyped up fans and gotten many excited for the Dune franchise to continue. However, recent comments by the filmmaker have given these fans a reason to be concerned. 

In a recent interview with Collider, the Arrival director opened up about what’s in store for Dune: Part 2, as well as his future franchise plans. Villenueve still has an invested interest in continuing on with the franchise, even if it’s just for Dune 3. However, his desire for perfection is ingrained in him. The filmmaker explained that he would want to get the third script right before cementing his plans for Dune 3 and any other future installments within this universe. He said:

Now that there’s a Part Two , I just want to make sure that if we do Dune: Messiah , that we have the best screenplay on the table. And for that, I want to take the time to do it. And I think it would be healthy that I don’t go back necessarily in the desert right away, that I make a little detour, maybe. But honestly, I don’t know what my future is right now, which I love because I worked the past six years nonstop. It’s a blessing, but I need that. It would be nice to make sure that if we do Dune: Messiah , I want to make the best movie ever, so I want to just take my time.

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