Gladiator 2 Has Screened Its First Footage, And There’s Reportedly Been A Big Reaction From The Studio

Gladiator was one of those rare films that was both a box office blockbuster and an awards season darling. Ridley Scott talked about making a sequel for years, even though the first movie’s hero died. And now that sequel is finally close to reality. While it will take a lot for the sequel to live up to the original’s success, such a thing is seemingly still possible, as the word is that those who have received an early look at Gladiator 2 are impressed by it.

“Blown away” are the words used by Deadline. Buried in a story about the fact that Ridley Scott is circling a Bee Gees biopic as his follow-up to Gladiator 2 is the news that footage of the film has screened for some execs and that they have been wowed by what they have seen. While there’s no information on exactly what they have seen, or how much of the movie they have seen, considering the Gladiator 2 release date is still months away, this is certainly a good sign for anybody looking forward to this one.

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