One Of The People Who Accepted Oppenheimer’s BAFTA Award Wasn’t Actually Involved With The Movie

It took a lot of people, including the star-studded cast of Oppenheimer, to make it a financial and critical success, so it can be forgiven if someone can’t remember all of the people responsible for bringing it to theaters. What is harder to forgive are holes in security at award shows, and it seems that the biggest one since Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars happened at the 2024 BAFTAs. A man took the stage alongside director Christopher Nolan and star Cillian Murphy to accept an award, and no one realized he wasn’t supposed to be there. 

Authorities are looking into the situation as DailyMail reports YouTube prankster Lizwani managed to take the stage and stand alongside the Oppenheimer crew as producer Emma Thomas deliver her acceptance speech. Video from the event is making rounds on social media shows the prankster standing behind Thomas wearing a suit and a beanie. No one onstage seemed alarmed by his appearance or even aware he wasn’t meant to be there, but he was reportedly removed by security afterward. 

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