Taylor Swift Kisses Travis Kelce to Celebrate Chiefs Super Bowl Win

After her boyfriend’s team beat the 49ers on Sunday, the pop star took the field to share a celebratory smooch

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday night, beating the San Francisco 49ers during overtime in a close game of 25-22, Taylor Swift joined her boyfriend Travis Kelce on the field and celebrated with a long, loving public display of affection. 

Photos and videos show Swift embracing Kelce, her arms wrapped around her three-time Super Bowl-winning boyfriend. In the clips, she pats him on the back and grabs his face, kissing him in front of cameras for the rest of the world to see. In a moment that Swifties have been anticipating and waiting for, they both hug and the two of them take turns whispering into each other’s ears.


The pop star landed in Las Vegas on Saturday, flying in from Japan after performing four shows on her Eras Tour to support Kelce. She’s been a major fixture of the 2023-2024 NFL season, attending Kelce’s games once the two started dating. As the season went on, they became more public with their relationship and signs of affection for each other. Swift also took the field after the Chiefs won the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 28, publicly kissing Kelce in a moment that was highly discussed, memed, and dissected on the internet.

During Sunday night’s Super Bowl, the camera panned to Swift a handful of times, showing her sitting with Blake Lively and rapper Ice Spice, cheering on the Chiefs, her heightened nerves and anxieties when the 49ers were in the lead, and of course her reaction to the final seconds of the game when the Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw a pass to Mecole Hardman, scoring a touchdown to win the game.

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