Shrek Terrorizes Rave In Viral TikToks, And I Just Know Some People Were Freaking Out

Shrek, one of Dreamworks Animations’ best films, is about a green ogre who makes a deal with Lord Farquaad to rescue a princess in order to salvage control of his swamp overrun by fairy tale creatures. Believe it or not, while Shrek is obviously a cultural phonemon, the lovable ogre is also a hit with the partying crowd. Viral TikToks captured visuals of the ogre at a rave, and I know some people are freaked out by this.

One of the reasons why Shrek is one of the best classic family films is because it shows the importance of getting to know someone for their truest self while also having jokes for both kids and adults. In the case of Shrek Raves, however, the swamp owner appears to be pretty terrifying as viral TikToks show the chilling effect he has on the partying crowd. Take a look at this TikTok below of haunting yet brilliant Shrek visuals.

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