William Shatner Talks Star Trek’s ‘Go Boldly’ Phrase And What He Thinks It Means In First Trailer For You Can Call Me Bill

William Shatner has another project on the way, and while it’s not explicitly tied to Star Trek, there is talk of “boldly going.” Or rather, “going boldly,” as the longtime actor released a trailer for his upcoming documentary and waxed poetic on his thoughts on what the oft-repeated phrase in the franchise he’s most known for meant to him. 

Shatner spoke at length about going boldly in the first trailer for his documentary William Shatner: You Can Call Me Bill. The movie, funded by 1,200 fans via Legion M’s “fan-first financing” initiative, will chronicle the actor’s long career, detailing his career and accomplishments in Hollywood. While the trailer showcased various moments in his career, William Shatner spoke about what it means to “go boldly” from his perspective: 

It’s an interesting phrase, ‘Go boldly.’ What is there to boldly go into? Do we ever present ourselves as we really are? To somebody else can we be absolutely honest? As we get older, we ask ourselves questions. Do we really know each other? Do we really know ourselves? Why are we here? Everything’s risky, but there’s something beautiful about that. I haven’t changed the world, but what is a legacy are the good deeds. Go boldly, go with courage, go with commitment. That’s what it means. And then, boldly go into the next adventure. That’s the story of my life. It’s the search for love, symmetry, and passion. That curiosity is what keeps us alive.

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