The Story Behind Stephen King Buying Hundreds Of 28 Days Later Tickets

That recent 28 Days Later good news which revealed that not only were Danny Boyle and Alex Garland reteaming to make 28 Years Later but that the horror sequel officially found a studio home and roped in original lead Cillian Murphy to produce and potentially star should please all zombie-movie fans. However, there’s one famous fan who is likely extra excited: Stephen King.

Yes, the iconic horror author behind classic scary titles like Carrie, Cujo, The Shining and Salem’s Lot — all of which were turned into film adaptations, with the latter upcoming movie set to star Lewis Pullman, Makenzie Leigh and Alfre Woodard — is reportedly a big fan of the Danny Boyle-directed flick. So much so, in fact, that the writer allegedly bought out 800 movie tickets when the post-apocalyptic film hit theaters in November 2002. 

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