Kieran Culkin Gives An Amazing Performance In Sundance’s A Real Pain That Has Me Excited For His Post-Succession Career

In recent weeks, Kieran Culkin has been racking up a number of accolades for his final season as Roman Roy in Succession, between his Golden Globes win and Emmys win. When one becomes famous and beloved for a role so great, it’s not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to transition out of that and be seen in a different light. However, after seeing Culkin’s next movie, A Real Pain, I couldn’t be more eager to witness the actor’s career following the hit HBO series. 

A Real Pain just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah this past week to a reception that was so warm, it won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award and was sold to Searchlight Pictures for $10 million (following a number of studios fighting for the rights), per Variety. It’s the second directorial effort of The Social Network’s Jesse Eisenberg after premiering his debut When You Finish Saving The World at 2022’s Sundance. Ahead of the independent film finding a place among the 2024 movie schedule with an upcoming theatrical release, I need to talk about Kieran Culkin’s amazing performance in the dramedy. 

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