Will Godzilla Minus One Get A Sequel? Here’s The Latest From The Filmmaker

The Godzilla movie franchise has been going on for decades, but it may have never been as popular as is it right now. Godzilla Minus One has been a global box office hit, and it also getting raves from critics. It’s being called one of the best Godzilla movies, if not the best Godzilla movie ever made. Success like that would, for a Hollywood film, all but guarantee a sequel, but that’s apparently not happening with this movie.

Godzilla Minus One is now an Oscar-nominated movie, which is just the latest accolade it has received. And yet, it appears there is currently no talk of making a sequel. Godzilla Minus One director told HJ Webb (via Comicbook) that there is no sequel conversation involving him, which upsets him at least a little because he’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t make the next movie. He said… 

No, no, there is no such talk at all. But I might be a little sad if someone else is chosen to direct the next Godzilla movie.

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