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Why Jesse Eisenberg Was Shaking in Kieran Culkin’s Arms on Red Carpet

Sometimes red carpets can be a real pain.

While posing for photos at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, Jesse Eisenberg confided in his A Real Pain costar Kieran Culkin about some of his all-too-relatable fears about their big movie premiere. 

“He’s just an anxious person,” Culkin told E! News’ The Rundown host Erin Lim Rhodes at the Jan. 20 event. “Just now, I had my arm around him and he was shaking.”

So, Culkin asked the Social Network star if he was alright.

“He said, ‘Everything when I go outside makes me nervous,'” the Succession actor continued. “He’s like, ‘Are you anxious about any part of this? Nervous?'”

When Culkin assured him that he was totally comfortable on the red carpet, Eisenberg seemed surprised.

“He’s like, ‘Did you think when we started this that you would be like me?'” Culkin recalled. “And I said, ‘No, not at all. Why? Did you think we would be alike?'”

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