Tron Legacy’s Director Has Spoken With The New Sequel’s Director, And He’s Confirmed Something Huge I’ve Been Thinking Since Day One

As filming on Tron 3 is currently underway, director Joachim Rønning is building the future of The Grid as we speak. It’s something that’s bittersweet, because while a new sequel to one of Disney’s best sci-fi movies has been long anticipated, it’s not the original concept that director Joseph Kosinski would have been working with on his follow-up to Tron: Legacy

However, a new interview confirms that while he’s not involved, Kosinski has spoken with Rønning, and the reason why is something I’ve been thinking since day one. While the filmmaker took part in a Top Gun: Maverick watch-along shared on Happy Sad Confused’s YouTube channel, host Josh Horowitz rather naturally asked about Joseph’s massive directorial debut. Part of the updates that came from Joseph Kosinski included this quote about how much he knows about what some have been calling Tron: Ares

I do have a little bit [of a connection.] I met with the director of the new film, and know a little bit about the approach, because it is related partially to a version that we call Tron: Ascension. But through a different point of view. So I’m real excited to see what they do with it, and thrilled that Tron’s still alive.

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