Even The Woman Who Inspired Barbie Has Some Thoughts About Margot Robbie And Greta Gerwig’s Oscar Snubs

The nominations for the 96th Academy Awards were recently announced, and it caused some controversy. The record-breaking blockbuster Barbie snagged eight nominations, including Best Original Song nom, Best Supporting Actor for Ryan Gosling, and Best Picture. However, many people have been vocal about the fact that Margot Robbie (the movie’s star and producer) and director/writer Greta Gerwig were both snubbed. Barbara Handler, the woman who inspired the famous fashion doll, is one of the people who spoke out about the Academy’s mind-boggling oversight. 

Barbara, the daughter of Ruth Handler, the inventor of the iconic toy, has expressed her admiration for the Barbie movie to TMZ. She allegedly told the outlet that she had seen the movie twice and enjoyed it even more on the second viewing. Handler expressed her disappointment Margot and Greta did not receive Oscar nominations. She believes these talented actresses and filmmakers deserve recognition for their exceptional contributions to the movie, telling the outlet that “something wrong about Margot and Greta not getting Oscar nominations.” 

The Real Barbie is not Alone In Her Opinion

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