Emma Stone’s Poor Things Is Getting A Lot Of Attention For The Sex Scenes, But I Want To Talk About Bella’s Emotional And Intellectual Journey

No one can deny that sex plays a big role in Poor Things. It makes some people uncomfortable and sparks debates. It’s also one of the things that stood out to me when I first watched the movie. Sex starts the conversations but it’s only a small aspect of Bella’s (Emma Stone) journey. Poor Things is Bella Baxter’s story and the complexities of her growth and development. 

She learns love and develops an appreciation for the world by living in it. It’s an ode to the dark beauty of existing and being human. For many, sex is a part of that journey of self-discovery and growth. Therefore, it’s a huge element of Poor Things and Bella, but it is not the only fascinating part of her story.  

Warning: Poor Things Spoilers Ahead. Proceed With Caution. 

Emma Stone in Poor Things

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Sex Is Bella’s Gateway To The World And Freedom 

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