Christopher Reeve’s Son Reflects On Watching His Father’s Appearance At The Oscars Following His Accident And The Moment That Still Sticks With Him

While Christopher Reeves passed away almost two decades ago, his name was thrust back into the spotlight last year following his CGI cameo in The Flash – which prompted an honest take from a Smallville alum. Now, his name is ringing in ears again following the Sundance Film Festival premiere of the documentary Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story. The documentary in part highlights the Superman star’s appearance at the 1996 Oscars following his life-changing horse-riding accident and the emotional standing ovation he received, and Reeve’s eldest son has reflected on watching the moment and what still sticks with him.

Before his accident, the late film star had been to the Academy Awards several times. However, the 68th Academy Awards served as Reeve’s first public appearance after his horse-riding accident. His eldest son, Matthew Reeve, wasn’t with his father due to attending school in London. He tuned in to watch the Superman star’s Hollywood return like millions of viewers did that night. Matthew Reeve recalled to People watching the warm reception from across the pond, saying:

I remember I was in London, it was a school night and we stayed up until three or four in the morning to watch it. And it was absolutely incredible.

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