32 Popular Movies From The 2000s That Have Not Stood The Test Of Time

Popularity isn’t everything, even in the world of movies. One moment you’re a Harry Potter sequel on top of the world, or a comedic cultural touchstone like American Pie, and the next you’re a passe favorite that’s lost its luster. Prepare for a trip down memory lane with all of the bumps as we’re looking at the total opposite of the best 2000s movies, with these flicks that have not stood the test of time.

Umbridge and McGonagall facing each other.

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)

The Harry Potter movies have always been a cultural touchstone for fans of the Wizarding World and will continue to be for some time. That doesn’t cover for the fact that the series’ second shortest movie came from its longest source novel, with so much missing that it still hurts to this day.

Mike and Sully walking confidently through the office lobby in Monsters Inc.

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Monsters Inc. (2001)

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