Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game Trailer Is Finally Here, And It Already Looks Better Than Dial Of Destiny

Like many other fans, whenever I think about attempting to watch the Indiana Jones movies, I’m reminded of the disappointment that called itself Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. Admittedly, there’s a mixed bag of reactions out there pertaining to director James Mangold’s cinematic capstone. That’s the same sort of climate that usually surrounds licensed video games, like Bethesda’s new Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

The big difference is, even with only the first trailer to go by, I’m already into this uncanny valley return of Harrison Ford’s archaeologist/action hero. Released by Bethesda Softworks today, our first look at this midquel adventure already looks like way more fun than the fifth Indy movie. Sending us back to 1937, a time where Dr. Jones is still fighting the Nazis and Marcus Brody is still alive, this is our hero back in his prime.

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