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How the Bizarre Cult of Mother God Led to Amy Carlson Being Mummified

Why did Amy Carlson turn blue?

Andrew recalled in the HBO series that Amy drank herself “into oblivion” every night. There’s a lot of footage of her with a cocktail in hand. 

“The more people came, the more she drank,” said another member identified as El Moyra. And her reunion with Jason Castillo, referred to in the series as her final Father God, only made it worse, according to Amy’s followers—including Jason, who participated in the show and said that Amy started to decline “the second I got home.”

But Amy’s followers marveled over how much she could drink and, as seen in their videos, alcohol and marijuana remained her medicine of choice, along with colloidal silver.

Meanwhile, her feet swelled and she broke out with boils all over her body. She became gaunt and lost feeling in her legs.

“We were told alcohol was keeping her alive,” a member identified as Commander Buddha said in the series, “even though it would look like alcoholism to the untrained eye.”

Everything happening to Amy was a sign of liver failure, according to former member Sarah, except for the part where Amy was turning blue.

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