How To Train Your Dragon: An Updated Cast List For The Live-Action Remake, Including Gerard Butler And Nick Frost

As the world of 2024 movies continues to unfold, the remake of How to Train Your Dragon is something that fans and spectators alike will be keeping a keen eye on. News surrounding the movie, set to release on June 13, 2025, has been proceeding on a steady track of development. Part of the fire surrounding those developments is the casting of the major roles present in director Dean DeBlois’ live-action remake. 

You can now follow the path that How to Train Your Dragon is taking to returning to the big screen thanks to this handy cast list. So make sure to come back to this very rundow, and see who else has joined the ranks. For now, here’s who we currently know has been cast in this Universal/DreamWorks live-action remake! 

Gerard Butler and Navid Negahban stand cautiously in the open in Kandahar.

(Image credit: Open Road Films)

Gerard Butler

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