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Tisa Farrow, Former Model and Sister of Mia Farrow, Dead at 72

Tisa Farrow died unexpectedly on Jan. 10 at age 72.

Former actor and model Tisa Farrow died unexpectedly Wednesday morning at the age of 72. The sister to Mia Farrow and daughter of Hollywood parents Maureen O’Sullivan and John Farrow, Tisa acted as a nurse for nearly three decades after leaving showbusiness behind. 

Tisa’s death was announced by Mia Thursday, as the Rosemary’s Baby star, 78, took to social media to share the tragic news. “If there is a Heaven, undoubtedly my beautiful sister Tisa is being welcomed there,” Mia wrote. “She was the best of us – i have never met a more generous and loving person. She loved life & never complained. Ever. She was a nurse for 27 years, a wonderful sister to Steffi, Prudence and me, a devoted mother to Jason, who died in Iraq, Bridget and little grandson Kylor – the lights of her life.” The Golden Globe Award winner continued, “She died unexpectedly yesterday morning. Apparently in her sleep. This is a hard time for all of us who admire and love her so deeply.”

Mia’s loss was met with sympathy from several of her Hollywood peers, including Lesley Ann Warren, who commented, “Ohhhh, Mia, I’m so very sorry for this shocking and devastating loss. My love and prayers for grace for you and your family.” Mary McCormack added, “Oh Mia. I’m so so sorry. I can’t even imagine how much you must miss her. I wish I could hug you. Sending all of my love to you and all of Tisa’s family,” while Molly Ringwald wrote simply, “I’m so sorry.”

While Tisa never rose to the level of fame as her sister Mia, she did work as a model and actor throughout the 1970s, making her debut in John Trent’s Homer as the titular protagonist’s girlfriend. She would go on to appear in the 1972 film And Hope To Die as well as television movies The Initiation of Sarah in 1978 and The Ordeal of Patty Hearst in 1979. Also in 1979, Tisa appeared in Zombie and Winter Kills. Her final listed credit is the 1980 Italian horror movie Anthropophagus.

Tisa is survived by all three of her sisters, brother John, daughter Bridget and grandson Kylor. Tisa’s son Jason, whom she shared with music manager and film producer Terry Deane, was a U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class who died in Iraq in 2008. Tisa’s brother Michael died in a plane crash in 1958 and her brother Patrick died by suicide in 2009.

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