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They’ve Got “Big, Big Plans”: Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane Share What’s Next For Them

The goal is for less furry children to follow, a situation Lauren is every bit as eager for as her fans. 

Though in a June Instagram, she noted that “I am very excited to start a family and get asked when we are having kids ALL the time but it just hasn’t happened yet,” the pair remain hopeful that soon they will have the family of their dreams. 

“I have never gotten offended by people asking,” she says of the ever-present query. “I think it’s really sweet. And I know it comes from such a genuinely good place and just, like, excitement for us. And we’ve both been vocal about wanting that. So I never, ever take offense to that.” 

In their case, she continues, “We haven’t been trying for an extraordinarily long time. But I know that for a lot of people who, you know, maybe have been trying for awhile, it is a sensitive subject.” 

Having taken her husband’s recommendation to “really pray hard” about it, Lauren believes, she’ll be able to some day answer all those questions with a growing bump of her own: ”It is something that, you know, both of us really want and hopefully will happen soon.”