Kevin “KANODADON” Hampton has been in the music industry for over 20+ years.  Kevin aspired to create a movement to bring back positive vibes into our society and originally created a podcast to deliver “Good Vibes”.  With recommendations from many celebrities that were past guests on his podcast, Kevin was motivated to create a bigger platform to help showcase the amazing stories behind the artists and celebrities.  Soon after, THE VIBESHOW 97.9, an FM syndicated radio station was created to help artists showcase their music for the world to hear.  Motivated by his own personal aspirations to deliver eye-catching promotions and an in-depth platform to showcase stories, THE VIBESHOW was created to roll-out the red carpet and make all guests feel like celebrities.  Kevin is one of the most respected interview hosts in the industry and delivers a very welcoming platform which naturally brings out compelling stories.  Kevin is highly sought for documentaries, exclusive interviews, and has the ability to connect with guests from all industries.  Although Kevin has created amazing platforms to showcase artists, his vision never stops as he is excited to bring new initiatives in 2021 to expand horizons for the VIBE Brand.  With over 350K Monthly listeners on the VIBESHOW 97.9FM and now reaching over 43 million on Roku TV, THE VIBE Brand is always evolving to reach new milestones. To a great leader in our industry, congratulations Kevin “KANODADON” Hampton on all of your success! We are honored to have your presence and dedication to showcase the compelling stories behind artists.