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Multi-Platinum Producer Trackdilla Teams Up with Jasmine Ortiz “ Cherry On Top”

With over 1.6 Million views on YouTube for her current single “Trick or Treat”, Jasmine Ortiz is ready to release another hit single. For her latest project, Pop Sensation Jasmine Ortiz teams up with Multi-Platinum Producer Trackdilla to release “Cherry on Top”.  This up-tempo pop song reminds us to enjoy the moment when dating and the journey of romance.  The music video for “Cherry on Top” takes us back to the Nostalgic days when we embraced the simple things in life and displays vivid images of enjoying one another’s company.  Trackdilla, the producer behind this track, is no stranger in the music industry and has produced many top-charting hits for other artists such as 2Chainz, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne, French Montana and many more.  This highly anticipated single and music video has received rave reviews within the music industry and will be released on 1/29/2021.


Question: Talk to me about what inspired you to write this song?


  • I was actually inspired by the hair color I gave myself over the summer; because it was blonde on one side and baby pink on the other with my brown roots in the middle. To me this looked like Neapolitan ice cream, and inspired the song Cherry On Top with some visuals I created based on that concept. I had a lot of fun coming up with ice cream innuendos in the lyrics.

Question: In your own words, what is the message you are trying to deliver in this song?


I think the message of the song is really to enjoy the simple flirty parts of dating and being young. It’s super fun and light hearted with clever ice cream and cherry related lyrics. I think a lot of the time when we’re dating someone new, it’s hard not to get caught up in what if’s and thoughts about the future, but this song is a departure from that thought process and a focus on the vivid happiness that can come from sitting back and enjoying the ride.

Question: Trackdilla is the producer on this hot single, tell me how you were able to secure such a big name producer for this single?


During quarantine my Managment reached out to his camp, and although he usually only works with established big name artists –  after he saw my EPK containing my music history and work with other artists/producers, he believed in the project and in me. He is one of the most talented producers  I have had the pleasure of working with. We have several projects in the pipeline that I’m really proud of. I feel very blessed to be working with such an amazing producer and person.

Question: Tell me what inspired the diner theme in the music video?


I really love time period pieces, so going with a 1940’s boardwalk vibe was really fun and fitting for the song. I wanted it to embody the nostalgia you feel when reminiscing on the good parts of a relationship either while you’re in it or after it.

Question: Your last music video Trick or Treat was about being ghosted in a relationship and this music video focuses more on the positive side of dating.  For the audience that has been following you with Trick or Treat, talk about the emotions associated from your own experience, going from being ghosted to feeling ok to date again.


That’s a really cool perspective in relation to the order of the two tracks. I have experienced both the highs and lows of being in love, and it definitely feels a lot better to reminisce on the positive, than the negative. After getting ghosted, it took me a while to heal and reflect on what might have gone wrong and how I could take on a new approach to my next relationship. This video and song exemplifies that next step – finally taking the leap and opening your heart to try something new. And in this case, having it go really well.

Question: With Valentine’s Day coming around the corner, what is some advice you can give to those that have struggled to date during COVID with so many places being shut down?


It sucks that it’s so much harder to meet people right now, but the plus is that there is a good amount of flexibility in online dating. I think it can feel kind of hard getting to know someone strictly through dating apps, but zoom has really come through to connect people. If you live in a warm climate, you can also go on socially distant walks or picnic dates outside. That’s actually how a close friend of mine began a relationship at the beginning of quarantine.