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Cheryl Hines & Kyra Kennedy Are Really Struggling on Celeb Game Face

Pushing it to the limit! 

Celebrity Game Face has seen its fair share of player injuries—from Justin Long twerking so hard he nearly threw his back out to Sarah Hyland getting some serious spaghetti-induced stomach pains—but will host and executive producer Kevin Hart bear witness to yet another on tonight’s all-new episode?

Judging by this exclusive sneak peek, maybe so

In the clip, ”Mouthing Off” is back, and for contestants Cheryl Hines and Kyra Kennedy, the name of the game is scary movies. Kyra is tasked with saying a list of five scary films that Kevin sent in a sealed envelope, and all Cheryl has to do is repeat the names back in under 60 seconds. 

The twist? Kyra’s mouth will be full of donut holes. 

Lucky for her and Cheryl, she has a plan. Before the game kicks off, Kyra begins to carefully load the donut holes into her mouth. Before long, Kevin realizes what she’s doing—”strategically” placing the donuts—but technically, she’s not breaking any rules, so the competition goes off without a hitch.