Late Night Reacts to Donald Trump’s Second Impeachment

Donald Trump was impeached for the second time in his presidency on Wednesday, a landmark moment in U.S. history that created many a zinger on late-night television.

“I feel like I just took down my decorations from the last impeachment,” Stephen Colbert said, followed shortly after by: “It makes sense — this president loves having seconds.”

Since Colbert already spent much of last week condemning the president for inciting the insurrection at the Capitol, he turned his focus on Wednesday night to the Republican lawmakers who refused to back the impeachment vote, despite the majority of Congress members — including 10 Republican House members — believing that Trump committed a treasonous act. With the Senate impeachment vote coming up, Colbert couldn’t resist needling Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell for only privately supporting the impeachment.

“It will all be in his memoir, Leaning Toward Courage,” Colbert joked. “McConnell’s apparent support for impeachment gives cover for others, meaning a dozen Republican senators — and possibly more — could ultimately vote to convict the president. Yes, at least a dozen, and possibly more, if there’s a sale at Bob’s Spine Barn.”

Jimmy Fallon had a few more “seconds” jokes up his sleeve: “Like always, the sequel was a lot worse than the original…I know a lot of people are wondering, ‘Will I be able to follow the second impeachment if I missed the first?’ Yeah, same character, different plots.”

He also took the opportunity to rib Trump about getting banned from Twitter, quipping: “Ten Republicans finally broke away from the president. Trump was so mad he started typing angry tweets about them on a calculator.”

Seth Meyers dedicated his “Closer Look” segment to the impeachment. “Man, this guy is hard to get rid of,” Meyers said of Trump. “He’s like a red wine stain on a white rug — we’re going to have to just get rid of the whole rug.”

He continued: “That’s right, President Trump was impeached today for a second time — or, according to Fox News, ‘Fun rainy-day crafts to do with your grandkids.’”