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6 Beautiful Tarot Decks to Shop For The New Year

Whether you’ve been reading tarot cards for years or you’re only considering dipping a toe into the world of tarot, there’s no denying that the centuries-old practice (which originated in the 15th century in different parts of Europe, like Italy, Austria and France) has steadily been gaining momentum in the mainstream over the years. In the 1500s, tarot decks were used to play games or as a recreational pastime (called Tarocchi in Italy, for instance) but in the 18th century, they started being interpreted in more spiritual ways, which is how we continue to see — and use — them today.

If you’re a total tarot beginner, you can familiarize yourself with the practice using this comprehensive guide that includes what each card represents, the different types of decks you can buy and more. Then, learn how tarot can help you navigate through 2021, work through unresolved feelings and feel empowered in any decision-making you’re faced with this year, according to clarity coach Chris Corsini.

Ready to dive in? The next step is choosing your very own tarot deck, of course. The key to choosing the right deck is simple: choose a deck that speaks to you. So whether you’re into a dark and moody set, or a more traditional colourful deck, or you want to opt for a minimalist deck that will fit right into your “less is more” approach to home decor, there are plenty of gorgeous tarot decks to choose from.

Oh, and about that long-standing myth that to avoid bad luck, tarot newbies must have their first deck gifted to them, rather than buying it themselves? It’s nothing more than a myth. In fact, professional tarot card readers have no idea where or why the myth originated in the first place — most readers are self-initiated into the world of tarot, anyway.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, click through to shop some seriously beautiful tarot decks below.