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Inspiring Unity, Acceptance &Love through Food

Chef Ryan Rondeno

That old adage, “Food is Love,” likely prompts warm memories of cultural holiday meals and get-togethers, grandparents teaching a grandchild a generational recipe, spouses creating a romantic meal for one another, children preparing a special birthday breakfast for a parent, and so forth. Regardless of each of our skillset, the intention behind food has served to unite, nourish, teach, and appreciate one another. Throughout history, across generations, religions, and ages,Food continues to serve as a vital part of our heritage and Culture.


In today’s digital age, one App is bridging the gap between a beginner chefs and aspiring home- cooks or intermediate chefs looking to elevate their culinary expertise and menu for the ones they love most. Award-Winning Chef to the Stars Ryan Rondeno is a true master of his trade and has launched this user-friendly guide and reference tool App—FoodCulture.


“Our goal is to challenge and create great cooks in your kitchens with easy, quick, and fresh meals for any meal of the day! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced cook, the recipes are streamlined and offer great ideas to help advance your cooking library,” explains Chef Rondeno.


FoodCulture offers simple recipes that will bring unique and tasty experiences to the kitchen table. More than mere recipes, this App embodies a way of living, learning and appreciating on another by celebrating wide-ranging historic cuisine, traditions, recipes, and indulging in a vari-ety of courses with simple instruction and stress-free step-by-step guidance, from easy-reference written recipes to a helpful video demonstration! Search by Categories, prepare your Shopping List, save your Favorites, or visit the virtual Store to browse products, tools, apparel,and more!


“FoodCulture was created to embody a personal and unique approach of food and flavor in the kitchen. We wanted to create cost effective and flavorful, scratch recipes that didn’t break the bank. The App was also designed to have a one-on-one feel, as if I’m cooking with you every step of the way,” says Chef Rondeno.


Find a sweet and savory collection of recipes, such as: brunch, salads, healthy dinners, easy snacks, comfort food, cocktails, plus many more added every month!


Download the FoodCulture App Today!

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Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weapp.recipeapp
Apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/food-culture/id1538389448


Visit rondenoculinarydesigns.com for a Weekly Delivery Menu



Chef Ryan has trained with globally-renowned chefs, such as: Emeril Lagasse * Anton Schulte * Mathais Wolf * Sue Zemenick * Gerard Maras His masterful cuisine has been relished at large-scale culinary events, gala dinners, and as a personal chef to some of the most notable names in the industry— elevating multi-sensory gas- tronomy to a whole new level!

* Diddy * Will Smith * Common * Tyrese Gibson * Robert Smith * Kevin Durant * * Xhibit * Mercedes-Benz * Lamborghini * Will McGinest * LA Philharmonic


Chef Ryan is making his lavish recipes available to people across the U.S. as he offers some trade secrets, training through simple technique, tips and tricks, and revealing signature recipes for all ages. With a passion for French, Italian and Regional American Cuisine, his focus re- mains on local, sustainable cuisine with a strong emphasis on bold flavors—not to mention the love of New Orleans cuisine and fresh California flavors.


Rondeno’s Signature Spice Collection—Nola Creole Rub, Citrus Herb Rub, and Ancho-Chili BBQ Rub—is designed to help cooks of all skill levels enhance the flavor of the dishes. His culinary focus is on the use of grass-fed organic meats and locally-grown organic produce.


What’s more—Rondeno is serving up a variety of menu options menu available for Home Delivery!! From Organic, Premium Ingredients, Single-Servings, Family Style, to Catered Meals… customers can now enjoy his culinary delight in the comfort of their own home!