Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price defends voting against rights for lesbians while also policing who can be a lesbian

Jackie Doyle-Price, MP for Thurrock, shares a joke with Jeremy Hunt as they travel on the constituency’s battle bus on 21 April 21, 2015. (Rob Stothard/Getty)

Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price has decided to become a defender of lesbians, while also trying to defend her vote against same-sex marriage.

When anti-trans lobby group LGB Alliance received blistering backlash for claiming comedian and activist Eddie Izzard had “caused offence” to lesbians by using she/her pronouns, Doyle-Price was quick to agree.

She responded: “Being a straight man who likes to cross dress is not being a lesbian in a man’s body. No man with respect for women would appropriate female same-sex attraction for themselves.

“Why in 21st century Britain are so many people looking the other way?”

Bisexual Labour MP and shadow minister for women and equalities Charlotte Nichols responded to LGB Alliance, clearly explaining: “If you’re offended by other people’s choice of pronouns, given everything else that’s going on, might I suggest getting some perspective?

“Solidarity with Eddie Izzard, who is free, as is everyone else, to define herself in whatever terms she deems fit.”

But Doyle-Price decided to take on Nichols as well and, insisting on misgendering Izzard, wrote: “It isn’t just about pronouns though. It is about the appropriation of female sexuality by [Izzard]. Eddie can call [herself] what [she] likes. But lesbian [she] can never be.”

Doubling down on her anti-trans stance, the MP for Thurrock continued: “Of course if you accept that trans women are women then logically speaking you have to accept they can be lesbian. Utter pants.”

Nichols, however, was quick to point out that Doyle-Price taking on the role of lesbian defender did not quite fit with her voting record.

Sharing a screenshot of her vote against same-sex marriage, Nichols told Doyle-Price: “Let’s quit with the pretence that your concern here is about female sexuality or upholding the rights of lesbians, Jackie.”

The Tory MP hit back: “Oh there is no pretence Charlotte. As you well understand when we vote in the House we vote on the legislation before us. I didn’t like the way it was done.

“For me principles are more important than playing to the gallery. I will carry on fighting for women and girls.”

She continued: “Darlings, I have always supported equality for same-sex couples. I don’t support the state interfering with religious sacraments.

“All civil marriages should be styled civil unions. That’s what informed my vote on same-sex marriage.”

Despite literally voting against same-sex couples having rights equal to those of opposite-sex couples, Doyle-Price added: “My vote was not against equality for same-sex couples.

“It was about the state defining a religious sacrament. You assume too much Charlotte. But genuinely as a bisexual woman you should be more aware than I about the discomfort lesbians are feeling about this.”

PinkNews has contacted Jackie Doyle-Price for comment.