Eve 6 Wants to Know Whether You Like Their ‘Heart in a Blender’ Song

Nineties band Eve 6 has just one question for the various celebrities of Twitter: “Do you like the heart in a blender song?” Frontman Max Collins is referring, of course, to the band’s 1998 hit, “Inside Out,” which he also admits he was a virgin at the time of writing — despite the saucy “TIE ME TO THE BEDPOST” lyric.

Like Mandy Patinkin and Dionne Warwick before him, Collins has made a virtual comeback over the past few weeks on Twitter via a potent combo of nostalgia and humor — he’s also dropping some scandalous Nineties band stories (of questionable veracity) and spending a good amount of time needling Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind. Also, it’s, like, three days before Christmas. Before you ask, yes, it is a slow news day — thanks for asking.

“After the Third Eye Blind guy told me he fucked my girlfriend he told me I was ‘a wordsmith like Jim Morrison,’” Collins recently tweeted, to which Jenkins responded, “Clearly this never happened as everyone knows you write like Stevie Nicks.” Burn? I guess?

Actor Vincent D’Onofrio notably had a delightful interaction with the band, answering their favorite query as follows: “It doesn’t surprise me that you three have success. Again you have a great sound and a [knack] for a post-punk melodies sound. Which I love.”

Eve 6 — notably named for a 1993 episode of The X-Files — is a Southern California rock band famous for the aforementioned “heart in a blender” song and 2001’s “Here’s to the Night.” They broke up in the early Aughts, but soon reunited, last dropping new music in 2012, Speak in Code. Rolling Stone previously called the band one of the worst bands of the Nineties — clearly before I was hired, since I, for one, do like “the heart in a blender song.” Rendezvooooooooous.