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Cute Treasures Under $25 To Surprise Your Friends With

Fake *thank you* smiles need not apply

You know how it goes: you’re making a list, checking it twice and then realize, uh-oh spaghetti-oh, it’s mid-December and you’ve actually checked off a total of ZERO from your holiday gift-giving listicle. Big yikes. And while the holidays look a little different this year, seasonal last-minute spending can still get out of hand real quick. Take it from this *tardy for the party* shopper—the earlier you shop, the better for your body, mind, soul and wallet. 

So as we wind down the absolute shit show that was 2020 and usher in a new (hopefully less disastrous) year ahead, we’ve scoured the internet for small (in price) but mighty prezzies to gift your loved ones that feel anything but low budget. Seriously, you’d never guess that most of these items ring in well under 25 clams. 

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Has your bestie been on the hunt for the perfect-smelling candle? Look no further. Does your co-worker need a way to chill TF out? Consider their giftie signed, sealed and tea-livered. Artsy pal looking for a new activity? Here’s a stunning puzzle to deliver to their doorstep. From fancy honey to luxe beauty tools and a hella chic headband, we’ve got you covered with thoughtful options that won’t break the bank. Be sure to scroll below and shop our list of cute and budget-friendly must-haves that’ll impress legit everyone on your list!